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Technical Service Department

Director Technical Services Department
Mr Lebohang Malokase

Tel: (+27 51) 853 1111
Fax: (+27 51) 853 1332

Role of the Director Technical Services

The overall objective of the Technical Services Department is supply efficient, effective and economical services to the community, which it serves.

Vision Statement

Accomplish delivery of all technical services to the community in line with the powers and functions allocated to the Tswelopele Local Municipality, in accordance with time frames of National, Local Government and the Integrated Development Plan.

Mission Statement

Technical Services will improve the quality of life of the Tswelopele community in a sustainable and maintained service delivery programme conducted within all applicable legislation.

The Technical Department

The Technical Department is a core service delivery division of the Municipality and is responsible for the following Services as rendered by the Municipality;

  • Water and Sanitation Services
  • Electricity Services
  • Roads & Storm Water
  • Human Settlements
  • Project Management Unit

The Water section is responsible for the provision and supply of portable water services to the entire community. This includes participation and compliance with the SANS 241: 2011 (Drinking Water Quality) Standards through compliance with the Blue Drop requirement as required by the Department of Water Affairs.

This includes is achieved through;

  •  Documentation,
  •  Monitoring and Evaluation,
  •  Quality management and
  •  Risk management.

The Technical Department is also responsible for the Operations and Maintenance of the Water Reticulation Network inclusive of Water Reservoirs. Water is purchased in Bulk from Sandvet, stored in Municipal Reservoirs and supplied to Consumers. This Section also preserves the function of Operation and Maintenance of the Sewer Network System. This entails ensuring that Sewerage is drained from households in a hygienic modus to the Waste Water Treatment Works and pre-treated before it is released as an outflow to the natural stream.

This Section also ensures that the final effluent complies with the Green Drop Standards as required and set out by the SANS: 2011 through the Department of Water Affairs by adhering to the following;

  •  Wastewater effluent quality,
  •  Process control and maintenance,
  •  Waste Water quality failure response management,
  •  Waste Water Sample Analysis and
  •  Monitoring Programme, By-Laws and Asset Management.

This Section is responsible for the Provision and Supply of Electricity Services to the Consumers and community of Tswelopele Local Municipality. Through a Service Level Agreement, electricity is purchased in Bulk from Eskom and supplied to the Consumers.

This Section is also responsible for Operations and Maintenance of the following;

  • Electricity Reticulation Network,
  • Electricity Sub-Stations,
  • Street Lights and
  • High Mast Lights.

Tswelopele Local Municipality has a Municipal Mechanical Workshop which is managed by this Section. The Workshop is responsible for the Repairs and Maintenance of the Municipal Vehicle Fleet, Plant and Equipment.

Through the Municipal fleet, Plant and Equipment, the Roads and Storm Water Section is responsible for and not limited to the Planning and Maintenance of all the Municipal access roads. It includes the following;

  • Repairs of potholes,
  • Surfaced and Gravel Roads Maintenance,
  • Installation of Speed calming measures,
  • Road Marking and Signage Maintenance, And Maintenance of Storm Water Channels.

The Project Management Unit (PMU) is a Section responsible for Planning and Project Management of all Municipal Infrastructure Developments in alignment with the Municipal IDP. The PMU is responsible for but not limited to the administration and financial Management of MIG Funds within the municipal and national accounting system for Municipal Infrastructure Projects.

The PMU functions entail the following;

  • Project Planning,
  • Project Identification (Feasibility),
  • Contract Administration,
  • Programme/ Project Management,
  • Updating Database MIG MIS,
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation,
  • Reporting and
  • Develop and maintain service delivery backlog data base of the Municipality.

The PMU Section is also responsible for other Internal Project that can be implemented by the Municipality through Municipal Revenue and other funds and grants outside the MIG.