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Corporate Service Department

Director Corporate Services Department
Mr Sabata Rabanye

Tel: (+27 51) 853 1111
Fax: (+27 51) 853 1332

Role of the Director Corporate Services

To provide a democratic and accountable government for local communities.

To ensure internal municipal business excellence.

To provide legal advice and enabling support to Council, the Committees of Council, as well as to the Political Office Bearers, the Municipal Manager, provide efficient and effective office administration.

To render committee support service through professional minute taking, compilation of agendas and timely distribution of documents.

To provide for effective access control measures at identified service points.

To implement and manage departmental asset register.

To provide an effective and efficient human resource strategic and through recruitment and selection, administration and conditions of service.

To ensure skilled workforce through skills development and training intervention.

To ensure fair representation of the workforce through employment equity initiatives.

To promote a conducive working environment through effective labour relations, good employer/employee relations, provision of a healthy and safe working conditions and employee wellness.

To provide optimal information technology services and infrastructure to Tswelopele Local Municipality.

To provide effective communication and information services to the Council towards all its target audiences.