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SCM Documents Scm Documents 47
SCM Forms SCM Forms


  1. Database forms
  2. MBD forms
Approved IDP Approved Intergrated Development Plan (IDP) 4
Draft IDP Draft Intergrated Development Plan (IDP) 2
IDP Review Process Plan Intergrated Development Plan (IDP) Review Process Plan 1
Performance Agreements Municipal Manager & Directors Performance Agreements 30
SDBIP Service Delivery & Budget Implementation Plan 7
DRAFT SDBIP Draft Service Delivery & Budget Implementation Plan 2
REVISED SDBIP Revised Service Delivery & Budget Implementation Plan 2
Annual Budget Municipalities Annual Budget For The Financial Year 4
Adjustment Annual Budget Municipalities Adjustment Annual Budget For The Financial Year 2
Draft Annual Budget Municipalities Draft Annual Budget For The Financial Year 3
Audited Financial Statements Municipalities Audited Financial Statements From The Auditor General 8
Audit Report Auditor General 4
Quarterly Financial Reports Municipalities Quarterly Financial Reports 5
Section 71 Reports Section 71 Reports 284
Oversight Committee Report Municipal Oversight Committee Report 2
Sector Plans Sector Plans 3
Service Delivery Agreements Municipalities Service Delivery Agreements With Service Providers 2
Long-Term Borrowing Contracts Municipalities Long-Term Borrowing Contracts 1
Water Services Development Plan Tswelopele Municipality - Water Services Development Plan 1
Assets Disposed Assets That The Municipality Disposed Off 1
Tariffs Municipalities Billing/Tariffs Costs For Services Rendered 3
Annual Report Municipalities Annual Report 4
By-laws For Comments Tswelopele's By-laws For Comments 7
Policies All The Municipalities Approved Policies 25
Publications Publications/News Letters 2
Legislation Legislation, MFMA, PFMA etc. 1
Applications Forms Applications Forms 4
Organogram Organogram 1
Valuation Roll Valuation Roll 18
Objection forms Objection forms 3
General This Category Contains All Other Documents That Are Not Categorized 1

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