• Main tasks of Ward Councillors and Ward Committees

      Ward councillors and committees must know their communities and the people they represent. They should know: Who the people are in the ward (spread of age groups, gender, employment status) What problems they experience and their needs...

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    • Role of the Ward Councillor on the Ward Committee

      A ward councillor is directly elected to represent and serve the people in a specific ward. The ward councillor should make sure that the interests of the people in the ward are represented as properly as possible. The ward councillor should be in touch with the issues in the area, understand the key problems and monitor development and service delivery. In committees,...

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    • Ward Committees

      Overview A ward committee can be set up for each ward councillor to assist and advise the councillor and improve public participation. Ward committees can be set up in category A and B municipalities where the ward committee model is being used.Ward committees are mainly advisory committees which can make recommendations on any matter affecting the ward within...

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    • Role of the Ward Committee

      The main role of the ward committee is to make sure that voters are involved in and informed about council decisions that affect their lives. The ward committees should be set up in a way that it can reach most sectors and areas in the ward. The ward committee’s main tasks are to communicate and consult with the community in respect of development and service plans. It...

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    • Role of the Speaker

      The Constitution and Municipal Structures Act requires that every Council elects a Chairperson, who is called The Speaker. The aim of the Office of the Speaker is to structure the two functions of a Municipal Council, i.e. its legislative function and its executive function. The Speaker presides at meetings of the Council and performs the duties and exercises the...

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    Tswelopele Local Municipality

    The municipality covers an area of 652407.2ha of which 47 % has remained as natural habitat. There are two formal land-based ...
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    Premier Ace Magashule: Free State 2015 State of the Province Address

    Honourable Acting Speaker of the ...
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    State of the Nation Address by His Excellency Jacob G Zuma, President of the Republic of South Africa on the occasion

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