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    Bultfontein is situated 80 km from Welkom and 100 km from Bloemfontein. It comprises of two main areas, namely Bultfontein and Phahameng. The town is situated at the joining of the R708, R700, R710 and R719, and is close to Stillerus and Protespan, as well as Theunissen.


    Its history began in the year 1874. The town had its origin from a strong fountain that sprout on a hill. It was first part of the farm Kameeldoorns. Bushmen, settlers and wild animals came to drink from the fountain. Die farm Bultfontein was first owned by Andrew Murray, before it became a town. The earliest township was called Marantha, and because of apartheid it was moved to a distant location and was called Phahameng.

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    Bultfontein is in a mainly farming district that gets its water from the Sand-Vet irrigation system. Several farmers in the district breed pedigree cattle; Herefords, Limousins and Fries/Holsteins. Other interesting farming activities include the cultivation of cut flowers on the farm Rondepan, 10 km east of the town on the Theunissen Road.

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