• Honourable Mayor invited all employees

    Mayors Hon. Cllr Frans Matsholo

    The office of the Honourable Mayor invited all employees of Tswelopele Local Municipality to a meeting which was held at Bultfontein town hall at 8:00 and 15:00 at Hooopstad town hall on Thursday,15 /09/2016

    The purpose of the meeting was to formally introduce the Mayor to the entire workforce.

    The Honourable Mayor Cllr FT Matsholo was accompanied by Municipal Manager Mr.TL Mkhwane and directors accountable to the municipal manager.

    The Mayor indicated to the meeting the modus operandi of how he wants to run the council and also outlined the priority levels of government Lekgotla for 104 days and the expectation of the entire council from officials.

    The target of the Honourable Mayor in terms of 104 days program is re-registration of indigent people and he urged all officials to rally behind him in order to ensure that the indigent people receive basic services.

    The Mayor indicated that it will not be business as usual as all departments from now on will have to submit their monthly reports in service delivery issues that will serve in the council. The Mayor also indicated that during door-to-door campaigns they have heard a lot of complains about municipal employees who are not doing their jobs properly and that has to change as the employees need to change the way they have been doing things and that they should now start thinking about service delivery and nothing else. They Mayor concluded by thanking Municipal Manager and his management team to afford him the opportunity to talk to the employees of Tswelopele.

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